Global Action Plan of IDIL 2022-2032


Global Action Plan of IDIL 2022-2032

A Global Action Plan of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages provides a strategic framework, outlines major actions, and guides implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities for UN-system entities, national governments, Indigenous peoples’ organizations, civil society, academia, and the private sector others to achieve the key objectives of the IDIL 2022–2032. The Global Action Plan lays out the principles guiding actions in the framework of the Decade and beyond, as well as outputs, outcomes and expected impact of the activities to be undertaken.

The plan calls for a coherent approach and for joint collaborative action by all stakeholders to achieve maximum positive impact and social change with respect to Indigenous languages and those who speak and sign them. It is the result of extensive, collaborative, and collective deliberations among all concerned stakeholders. The Global Action Plan sets the direction for joint action and has been developed to serve as a guiding framework for all stakeholders to prepare regional, national, local and/or institutional plans, adjusted to identified priorities and specificities, for the implementation of the IDIL 2022–2032.

The Global Action Plan is structured around four main parts, in addition to technical annexes:

The Introduction provides background information on the importance of linguistic diversity and multilingualism for societal development and draws attention to the critical situation of Indigenous languages around the world. It also provides a rationale for undertaking immediate action to preserve, revitalize and promote Indigenous languages. Finally, it summarizes the preparation process of the Global Action Plan.

The second section outlines the Theory of Change that defines the vision and impact statements for the International Decade and provides a methodology for all involved stakeholders to guide? their participation, as well as their planning, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring processes during the International Decade. This section also presents foreseen activities, outputs and outcomes and highlights linkages with other global development frameworks.

The third section presents the Implementation Framework including the multi-stakeholder partnership mechanism, timeframe, key milestones, as well as governance and coordination frameworks for the IDIL 2022–2032. It also introduces other strategic frameworks developed to support the implementation of the Global Action Plan, namely a Resource Mobilization Strategy and a Global Communication Strategy.

Section four is focused on Monitoring and Evaluation and provides a set of measures to support continuous assessment of progress made.

The technical annexes include lists of used terms, key documents, frameworks, a roadmap towards the Global Action Plan and a summary table of the theory of change.

Global action plan of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022–2032)