West Nordic Day celebrated

Photo: Agnete Nesse, Nitta Lyberth-Mørch, Þórhildur Oddsdóttir and Bergur D. Hansen. 


The West Nordic Day was celebrated with a seminar at Veröld - House of Vigdís on September 22nd.

At the seminar, the Icelandic, Faroese, Greenlandic and Norwegian relationship with Danish and English was discussed, shedding light on the status of these languages in the contemporary world. A new scholarly work on language and culture in the Nordic region was introduced, titled "Sprog- og kulturkontakt i Vestnorden. Om det færøske, grønlandske, islandske og norske sprogs møde med dansk". Additionally, new research on language connections and language development in the Western Nordic region was addressed.

Speakers at the seminar were Agnete Nesse, professor at the University of Bergen, Bergur D. Hansen, assistant professor and dean of the University of the Faroe Islands, Þórhildur Oddsdóttir, adjunct lecturer at the University of Iceland and Nitta Lyberth-Mørch, adjunct lecturer at the University of Greenland. The seminar was moderated by Gísli Magnússon, professor of Danish at the University of Iceland.

Following the seminar, a reception was held at the Nordic House, with light refreshments and a musical performance by Þorgerður Ása. 

The event was organized in collaboration between the Vigdís International Centre, the Nordic House, and the Nordic Association in Iceland, who have jointly celebrated this day since 2019.